Loop Kids Mannequin – Premium Store Display Dummy

Loop Kids Mannequin – Premium Store Display Dummy

Loop Kids Mannequin – Premium Store Display Dummy


Welcome to the world of Loop Kids Mannequin! Our premium store display dummy is the perfect solution for showcasing your clothes in a stylish and attractive way. Made with high-quality materials, this mannequin is not only durable but also adjustable to fit all kinds of clothes. Whether you own a clothing store or need it for a photo shoot or modeling, our mannequin is the ideal choice. Let’s explore its features!

Main Features

High-Quality Material

The Loop Kids Mannequin is mainly made of environmentally-friendly PE plastic, ensuring its lightness, toughness, and durability. This guarantees a long service life for the mannequin, making it a worthwhile investment for your store.

Detachable and Adjustable Dress Model

Our mannequin consists of six parts: a head, a torso, two arms, two legs, a metal base, and aluminum joints. This detachable design allows you to easily dress and undress the mannequin, making it convenient to display different outfits. Additionally, the adjustable feature ensures that the mannequin can accommodate various clothing sizes.

Durable and Solid Head

The mannequin’s head is designed to be durable and solid, providing stability and support for displaying hats, scarves, or other accessories. You can confidently showcase your complete outfits without worrying about the mannequin’s head losing its shape.

Metal Base

The Loop Kids Mannequin comes with a stable metal base that provides excellent support and balance. You can assemble and disassemble the mannequin easily without the need for any tools. This feature allows for hassle-free transportation and storage.

Technical Specifications

  • Medium Size: 112 CM – 3.6 FT
  • Large Size: 125 CM – 4.1 FT

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the mannequin suitable for all types of clothes?

Yes, the Loop Kids Mannequin is designed to fit all kinds of clothes, including tops, dresses, pants, and more. Its adjustable dress model ensures a perfect fit for various clothing sizes.

2. Can I easily assemble and disassemble the mannequin?

Absolutely! The mannequin comes with a metal base that allows for easy assembly and disassembly without the need for any tools. You can quickly set it up or pack it away whenever needed.

3. Is the mannequin lightweight?

Yes, the mannequin is made of lightweight PE plastic, making it easy to move around and transport. Despite its lightness, it remains durable and sturdy.

4. Can I use the mannequin for photo shoots or modeling?

Definitely! The Loop Kids Mannequin is not only suitable for store displays but also perfect for photo shoots or modeling. Its attractive design adds a professional touch to any fashion-related activity.


In conclusion, the Loop Kids Mannequin is a must-have for any clothing store or fashion enthusiast. Its high-quality material, detachable and adjustable dress model, durable head, and stable metal base make it a reliable and attractive display dummy. Whether you need it for showcasing clothes in your store or for photo shoots and modeling, this mannequin is the perfect choice. Get yours today and elevate your fashion display to the next level!

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