Cat Scratcher with Teasing Toy Ball – Product Description

Cat Scratcher with Teasing Toy Ball – Product Description

Cat Scratcher with Teasing Toy Ball


Cat scratchers are the smart, economical way to protect your valuable furnishings. Our scratchers look great in a home, they take extraordinary abuse and they support a cat’s inbred desire to sharpen its “tools.”

Unique Design

Our Cat Scratching Boards come in a pack of three different shapes, satisfying your feline friend’s various needs. The different touching experiences make it irresistible for cats.

Heavy Duty Corrugated Cardboard

We use stronger, high-quality cardboard that is 50% more durable than regular ones. The reversible design allows you to flip it over for a new scratching surface. The stylish minimalist flat design fits every home and décor style.

Health and Joy

It is in a cat’s genes to love scratching things. Without scratching, their claws can become too long, leading to physical or mental illness. Using our scratcher cardboard can help your kittens stay healthy and happy.

Furniture Saver

Cats have a tendency to scratch sofas, carpets, or tables. Owning a scratching cardboard will help you avoid these problems. It provides the perfect place for cats to play and saves your furniture at the same time. If your cats are not interested at first, try sprinkling some of our organic catnip on it to enhance their interest.

Product Dimensions

17.3 inches long, 8.6 inches wide, and 2.8 inches thick (44cm long, 22.5cm wide, and 7cm thick).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean the cat scratcher?

A: You can use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any loose debris. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions as it may damage the cardboard.

Q: Can I use the cat scratcher for multiple cats?

A: Yes, the cat scratcher is suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes. It provides enough space for multiple cats to scratch and play.

Q: Is the catnip safe for cats?

A: Yes, the catnip included with the scratching cardboard is safe for cats. It is a natural herb that can stimulate their senses and increase their interest in the scratcher.


Investing in a Cat Scratcher with Teasing Toy Ball is a great way to protect your furniture while providing your cat with a healthy and enjoyable scratching experience. The unique design, heavy-duty cardboard, and added catnip make it irresistible for cats. Say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to a happy and contented feline friend!

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