6V Relay: HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC

6V Relay: HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC


The 6V relay, HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC, is a highly efficient and reliable electronic component used in various electrical circuits. With its compact design and superior performance, this relay has become a popular choice among engineers and technicians in the industry.

Product Description

The HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC relay is a DIP5 package with a coil voltage of 6V DC. It is designed to switch high voltage and high current loads, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This relay offers excellent electrical isolation and low power consumption, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Key Features

– DIP5 package for easy installation
– Coil voltage of 6V DC
– High voltage and high current switching capability
– Excellent electrical isolation
– Low power consumption


– Home automation systems
– Industrial control systems
– Automotive electronics
– Power supply units
– Robotics


– Compact design for space-saving installation
– Reliable performance in various operating conditions
– Long lifespan for extended product durability
– Easy integration into existing circuits


1. What is the maximum voltage and current this relay can handle?
– The HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC relay can handle a maximum voltage of [insert value] and a maximum current of [insert value].

2. Is this relay suitable for high-temperature environments?
– Yes, this relay is designed to withstand high temperatures and can operate in a wide temperature range of [insert range].

3. Can I use this relay for both AC and DC applications?
– Yes, this relay is suitable for both AC and DC applications, providing versatile functionality.


In conclusion, the 6V relay, HJR-3FF-S-Z 6VDC, is a reliable and efficient electronic component that offers excellent performance in various electrical circuits. With its compact design, high voltage and current switching capability, and easy installation, this relay is a valuable asset for engineers and technicians in the industry. Whether used in home automation systems, industrial control systems, or automotive electronics, this relay ensures optimal performance and reliability.

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